Chapter 784: Assault; Battery; Culpable Negligence

Chapter 787: Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Luring or Enticing a Child; Custody Offenses

Chapter 817: Fraudulent Practices

Chapter 827: Abuse of Children

Criminal Family Law Matters

Criminal law and family law are two distinct areas of the legal system, but they can intersect in certain situations, especially in family law matters that involve criminal conduct. Criminal law as it relates to family law matters refers to the application of criminal statutes and regulations in cases involving family-related issues. Here are some common areas where criminal law may intersect with family law:

Domestic Violence

One of the most significant areas of overlap between criminal law and family law is domestic violence. When one family member commits acts of violence or abuse against another family member, it can lead to both criminal charges and family law proceedings. Criminal charges may include assault, battery, domestic violence, or related offenses, while family law matters may involve restraining orders, custody disputes, or protective orders.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Cases involving child abuse or neglect may lead to criminal charges against the responsible party, such as child endangerment or child abuse charges. Simultaneously, the family court may become involved to determine child custody, visitation, or protective measures to ensure the child’s safety.

Child Abduction

If a parent unlawfully takes their child without the other parent’s consent or in violation of a court order, it may result in criminal charges related to child abduction or kidnapping. Family law courts may also address custody and visitation issues in such cases.

Violation of Court Orders

When a party fails to comply with court orders related to family law matters, such as child support, alimony, or visitation, it can result in contempt of court charges or other criminal consequences.

Restraining Orders

Family law matters often involve restraining orders, which can have criminal implications. Violating a restraining order can lead to criminal charges and potential penalties.

Juvenile Offenses

In cases where a minor child commits a criminal offense, the juvenile justice system becomes involved. Family law matters may intersect when the court must address the minor’s rehabilitation, custody, or guardianship.

It’s important to note that while criminal law and family law may overlap in these situations, they are distinct legal areas with different goals and procedures. Criminal law primarily focuses on punishing individuals for violating criminal statutes, while family law aims to address family-related issues, such as divorce, custody, support, and protection. In family law matters involving criminal conduct, individuals may face both criminal consequences and family law proceedings, each with its own set of legal standards and processes.


Client Comments

Dissolution of Marriage with Children, Modification of Timesharing, Alimony, and Child Support

Honest, Professional and Caring. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, Ms. Julia! After your office took over my case, I began to feel secure and confident, for the first time. I truly appreciate all the help, support, and guidance, I received from you, Stephanie, and all of your staff members who helped me reach the finish line. I am so relieved after 7 years of expensive and brutal litigation, my case is finally over. For the first 5 years, I had different attorneys representing my case and I lost a lot during that time. It wasn’t until after you took over my case, that I was able to protect the most important aspects of my life, my son, and the finances that I have to start a new journey. Your experience and advice are exceptional! I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful support and help!

Dates of Representation: October 26, 2016 to September 2022

Dissolution of Marriage, Alimony, Criminal Contempt

Compassionate, Caring and an Angel. Julia is literally a Godsend– I was at my breaking point facing criminal contempt charges on a short-term (7 year) no children divorce proceedings — 6 years of depositions and 19 Request for Production of Documents (no privacy ever- had to provide my credit card and bank statements every 4 months) I was beaten down and severely depressed not to mention the financial stress of 6 years of contentious divorce hearings and two trials and an appeal later– Julia came into my life to defend me on the Criminal Contempt charges- yes, I was facing 6 months- to 1 year in jail for not being able to make money during COVID and pay the Temp Support Order which had not been in place for 6 years.. What is Temporary about that? I was very frustrated and lacked confidence in the legal process, courts and lawyers when Julia asked me to trust her. This was easier said than done as I had heard those same words from four (4) previous attorneys who all made my case worse– not better. Julia held my hand and allowed me to cry and be frustrated while continuing to move forward cleaning up the mess that was created by previous counsel and a court system that was not caught up to dealing with a Pandemic. 14 months after meeting Julia– she had cleaned up the mess and officially ended the 6 plus years and Malicious prosecution from my Ex-Wife’s attorney who only saw Dollars in his eyes when he saw me. I have the luxury now of looking back in hindsight and ask myself often how much different the last 6 years would have been had I known and hired Julia from the start? Don’t make the mistake I made – use this review as a “teachable moment” and take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have gone to my retirement instead of opposing counsel’s pocket.

Dates of Representation: July 29, 2021 to September 2022

Criminal Client

Explained what the legal terminology meant and walked me through the process. As far as I’m concerned there isn’t anything that should have been improved.

Dates of Representation: May 1, 2013 to August 7, 2013

Criminal Matter

Thank you for spending time with the client and helping with his case. He is on medication now that will hopefully help him stop being so impulsive and make better decisions. He seems to be doing better and I hope he can continue to improve. We still have a way to go, we still have 4 more court dates and ongoing medical appointments because his blood work is not normal. God bless you and Marci for helping us through this. Thank you again and if we can be of any service to you, please let us know.

Dates of Representation: July 2011 to October 2011

Criminal Matter

I retired from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) in 2006. During my early career, I was assigned to Hillsborough County, Florida for thirteen years, transferring out due to promotion in 1994. I had numerous bench and jury trials that were prosecuted by [then] Assistant State Attorney Julia Best. She was always fully prepared and highly skilled and one of the most professional prosecutors that I worked with in my 26-year career. During most of those years in Tampa, one of my duties included the recruitment and law enforcement training of auxiliary troopers. These are citizens that volunteer their time to assist full-time troopers in the performance of their duties. At my request, Julia took time away from her busy schedule to teach the law classes. She did this on her own time and at no expense to FHP. She was a truly dedicated public servant and she exemplifies the finest qualities of her profession.

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